Experience in Engineering: Supercritical Fluid Systems

Traditionally, cannabis extractions have not been performed by scientists under laboratory conditions. The medical cannabis industry is evolving from crude and dangerous to specialized, safe, and scientific, with extractions performed in clean-rooms by scientists, researchers, and trained technicians. The result is a clean and consistent product produced without risk of harm.


With a depth of experience in Supercritical Fluid Extraction, Clean Room Extracts is the market leader in providing a safe way to perform medical cannabis extractions. Clean Room Extracts is applying time-tested technologies and scientific methodologies to provide a scientific system that can be used to create a reliable product.


Thanks to changes in both thinking and the political landscape, as well as advances in research, the medical cannabis industry is growing. Innovation is at the forefront, revolutionizing the process of extracting CBD and THC. Clean Room Extracts is proud to be breaking new ground, shaping the industry, and bringing to it a foundation of safety and quality.

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