Applications for Medical Cannabis

The therapeutic properties of the cannabis were identified long ago, but thanks to changes in the political and legal climates, the use of the plant to treat pain and other maladies has become a reality.


Anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness for cannabis as a medical treatment has been replaced by scientific finding. This has resulted in the discovery of more applications of treatment. There are some widely accepted uses for medical cannabis, and some emerging applications that may become mainstream over time as the effectiveness of the treatment is determined.


Proven uses include the well-known treatment of glaucoma and relief for cancer patients. Emerging applications include treatment of Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic pain.

The diagram illustrates the power of medical cannabis. As this developing medical treatment moves from the shadows into the spotlight, there is no doubt that more patients will find relief.


While treatment with cannabis has traditionally been administered through inhalation, technology exists to extract the medicinal components from the plant scientifically, allowing for alternate methods of ingestion. Clean Room Extracts is leading the industry, changing the form of medical cannabis, allowing it to be accessible to more patients in need.

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