CRE420 series CO2 Systems

State- of-the-Art Technology


CRE420 series systems employ the most current supercritical CO2 extraction technology and safety components. The variety of models are specifically manufactured to optimally extract cannabis products from any part of the Cannabis sativa plant (bud, trim, etc.). For each of the models, the guesswork and fuss have been taken out of the process. Merely:


  1. Place the dry raw plant material in the pressure vessel and close the pressure vessel
  2. Select the type of extract from the user menu (whole plant, terpene-free)
  3. Place the collection container in place.
  4. Press the “START” button



Extensive scientific research has determined all the necessary engineering parameters to optimize the menu extraction selected. The system software is specifically programmed to “select and walk away”.  The extracts are collected in a separate container for subsequent compounding.

State- of-the-Art electronics and software


The systems are digitally controlled and monitored by a series of PID controllers which wirelessly communicate to a Windows-based tablet.


Not only does the software control and monitor the operations, the data can be down loaded to an Excel® spreadsheet for further use.

Complete Installation….nothing else to buy


CRE420 series CO2 Systems are complete. Merely plug the electrical cord in, hook-up up the air line, hook-up the CO2 tank and you’re finished.

Clean Room Extracts    Boonton, NJ