Why Clean Room Extracts?

The short answer?

Because it produces clean, safe, great-tasting extracts!


The longer answer?


By employing Supercritical Fluid Extraction, a technology that has been used for such benign applications as extracting caffeine from coffee, the systems from Clean Room Extracts allow the medical components of cannabis to be extracted safely and cleanly.

Why Clean Room Extracts is the best choice for Medical Cannabis

  • Carbon dioxide replaces the use of hazardous and flammable solvents, removing all safety risks from the extraction process.
  • Extractions are clean and pure, containing no contaminants.
  • The process is scientific, removing all guess work.

Years of research and development have allowed the scientists at Clean Room Extracts to perfect the extraction of THC and CBD, the pharmaceutical components of cannabis. Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide in the place of hazardous and flammable hexane and butane eliminates both contamination and risk. The result is a product that is pure and completely safe for pharmaceutical use.


Using Supercritical Fluids takes the guess-work out of the extractions. The systems supplied by Clean Room Extracts are pre-programmed for the exact conditions necessary to extract the pharmaceutical components of medical cannabis.


Clean Room Extracts takes the danger out of medical cannabis extractions.

Safely and easily extract THC / CBDs from Cannabis
CRE supercritical CO2 systems produce 90% of available yield in only four hours vs other systems that yield 25% in forty hours

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